Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Calamay is a sweet concoction of ground sticky rice, sugar, coconut milk, vanilla and some peanuts (optional). It is sold in smooth coconut shells that are sealed shut by a characteristic band of red tape.

If it is refrigerated for a few days, you can slice off a sliver and eat it like you would cheese… I have never seen the stuff made but I understand the ground rice flour is added to near boiling coconut milk and sugar and stirred until it reaches the desired consistency. Vanilla is added to enhance the flavor and chopped peanuts if that grabs you.

When you came here in Bohol, You can really see vendors of Calamay in ports here. Calamay is our best for pasalubong here. If a person went here in Bohol, they always want calamay as their Pasalubong! Yah, as a boholano, I'm really proud to say that our products here is great esp. our home made products and pasalubong!

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