Last December 2008, i sent an email to Masigasig magazine of Globe Business and hoping to be chosen as their letter of the month. The content of my email was about our family business which is the “tableya”. Here is my email using my account:

from Dalareich Polot
date Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 8:30 PM
subject Home-based business products

details 11/18/08

Hi Masigasig!

I know about your magazine here in office here in Bohol and i read your last November issue. My Family has a home-based tablea manufacturing business here in Bohol. We supplied tableas or chocolates in supermarkets only here in Bohol. Can you help us distribute our products there in Cebu or Manila? We’ve got many orders there in Manila such as chocolate companies but we have some problems in the courier. We would like to ask for suggestions and advices for the progress of our business. since we are new in the business world. This business is already registered by DTI and BFAD. We are hoping for your reply! Thank You! More Power and God Bless!

Best Regards,

Dalareich P. Polot
Booy District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Last June, 2009, somebody was calling me in the phone inquiring about our products, she is from manila. I asked her where did she got my contact number and she said that she read about our business in the masigasig magazine of globe. I was shocked when she told me that coz im not expecting that my email last december was already published. That’s why i went to globe office after that call to get one of the june issue magazine, and that is really true, my email was published in the the LETTER OF THE MONTH corner of magasig magazine. A week after that, the staff of the masigasig magazine called me, she confirmed that my letter was published. She asked me my complete address and my complete name so that they can send me the package price. I’m really excited to receive that price! hehehe Later in July, when i went home, my mother told me that the package just arrived and that it what i’m waiting for…heheh yehey! I excitedly opened the package of the LBC and i saw the back-up - bag for a laptop, unfortunately i have no laptop to put..hehehhe but that’s okey. I also received a kit containing USB Hub, a very cute mouse, headphone and other gadgets and also globe sim.

Masigasig magazine brings a big impact in the progress of our tablea products, until now we’ve got may inquiries, emails and calls. We also got many additional orders all over the Philippines.

This is a Blessing from the Almighty..we are very thankful for this!